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What is Adaptive Clothing? Adaptive Clothing/Apparel addresses the needs of those who are able to Independently Dress and those who require Caregiver Assisted Dressing. Independent Adaptive Apparel Dressing Arthritis, lowered hand dexterity and partial paralysis can make buttons, small openings and laces impossible! Hidden VELCROŽ brand fasteners/Easy Touch closures in Adaptive Apparel for women and men can make garments and footwear comfortable and functional for the wearer. In addition, elasticized waists make it easy to pull on garments when challenged by lowered hand dexterity.
Just need information on this disease, but don't know where to turn. The National Institute of Health provides guidance.

Falls are serious. Often medication can be the cause. AARP offers insight to how some Over-the-Counter medication can be the problem.
Bad guys are out there. Arm yourself with information. This website gives a heads-up on major scams being perpetrated against elders.
Losing loved ones can bring explained and unexplained feelings.